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Considering workplace wellness? Start here.


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Many employers are interested in workplace wellness. Some know they want to implement a wellness program, and others just want to research the topic. Either way, wellness can be an overwhelming subject to tackle.

There are just as many kinds of wellness programs as there are employers, and the success of the programs depend on unique factors that vary from workplace to workplace. And on top of that, it can often seem like there are just as many studies discounting wellness programs as there are supporting them.

Where to start? Our free, comprehensive e-book will give you an overview of wellness programs and how you might build one to suit your company culture. Whether you want to lower your healthcare costs, boost recruiting, or just read up on what a workplace wellness program entails, this e-book will give you the information you need.

Here’s what it covers:

•Why wellness?
•How to set your goals
•Developing a program
•Marketing the interventions
•Evaluating and adjusting 

The e-book’s appendix also comes with free printable surveys and worksheets that can be used to build and measure a workplace wellness program.

Click here to download. And remember—Bernard Health’s Employer Advisory team is always available to help your business make great healthcare decisions. We leverage the strengths of our noncommissioned health insurance advisors with our proprietary HR software to tackle your toughest benefits questions. Call us at 1-800-505-0750 or visit us at for more information.

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