UnitedHealthcare launches Association Health Plan option for Texas small employers

Posted by Emily Kubis on Thu, Oct 04, 2018 @ 09:10

New option could produce premium savings for some groups

UnitedHealthcare announced this week the launch of a state-wide geographically-based Association Health Plan (AHP) for small employer groups in Texas.

This new United product provides another option for Texas employers with 2 to 50 employees. For up to half of small employers in the Texas market, the AHP option could potentially produce premium savings of 5 percent to 15 percent, as compared to traditional, fully-insured small group rates.

The new option takes advantage of the executive order to expand AHPs from the Trump Administration. In the past, employers could only band together to offer health coverage if the association was trade-based. Now employers in a shared geographic area can also take advantage of economies of scale. (More: What employers need to know about the new Association Health Plan regulations)

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Biggest insurer in Texas asks for big premium hike

Posted by Emily Kubis on Wed, Jul 06, 2016 @ 09:07

Raise follows high requests in other states

BlueCross BlueShield of Texas has asked state regulators for an average premium price increase of nearly 60 percent, according to CBS News.

The request follows similar high rate increases in other states, including Tennessee and Indiana. Many insurers have been struggling to cover sicker-than-expected marketplace enrollees, with many losing millions of dollars on the exchange.

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Survey shows health insurance literacy issues in Texas

Posted by Emily Kubis on Fri, May 13, 2016 @ 09:05

Consumers with marketplace insurance less confident in understanding insurance terms

A new study shows that many consumers with health insurance purchased through the exchanges lack confidence in understanding insurance terminology and how to use their plans.

The study, published by Rice University’s Baker Institute, focuses specifically on the Texas market. From 2013 to 2015, there was a 78 percent increase in Texans with individually-purchased health insurance coverage.

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