Topic: Hsas

    What can you pay for using an HSA?
    By Nikki Davis on December 17, 2014

    Know which healthcare expenses are eligible If you have an HSA-eligible health plan, you may be wondering what expenses you can use your HSA or...

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    Tips for the end of the deductible year
    By Ryan McCostlin on December 16, 2014

    Don't miss out on a money-saving opportunity  Most health have deductibles that reset to $0 at the beginning of every calendar year. As a quick...

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    Seniors: Here's how to plan for a healthy retirement
    By Alex Tolbert on October 20, 2014

    Medicare advice and other options for seniors  Many people wait until retirement age to start planning for healthcare coverage. This is a mistake.

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    5 secrets every expecting mom should know about healthcare
    By Ruthie Dean on October 2, 2014

    Starting a family is an exciting time, but one of the most dreadful parts about the process is the confusing medical bills–not to mention any...

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    Why is it so hard to get low cost health insurance?
    By Alex Tolbert on September 15, 2014

    Investigating price transparency 

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    CFOs: 4 must-ask strategy questions about your health plan
    By Craft Hayes on September 4, 2014

    Guidance for tough health insurance decisions  CFOs are becoming more and more involved in the organization’s health plan decision because...

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    Pregnant? 5 reasons you should max out your HSA
    By Ruthie Dean on May 6, 2014

    Health insurance for expecting mothers Are you expecting? Congratulations! What an exciting time. As an expecting mother myself, I discovered...

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    4 Steps to healthcare freedom for diabetics
    By Ryan McCostlin on April 23, 2014

    How diabetics can save on healthcare  Diabetes can be an expensive disease; one, that needs an effective healthcare strategy. What most people...

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    6 facts about HSAs and your 2013 taxes
    By Ruthie Dean on April 2, 2014

    Time is running out to contribute for 2013 If you discover that you will owe taxes in 2013, a possible solution is to contribute to your 2013...

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