Hiring Millennials? Why changing workforce trends are driving adoption of benefits tech

Posted by Emily Kubis on Wed, May 30, 2018 @ 10:05

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Half of employers plan to increase spending on benefits tech in the next three years

According to a new study from Guardian, employers are increasing their spending and adoption of benefits-related technology, largely driven by Millennials.

Guardian’s Workplace Benefits Study found most employers have increased their spending on benefits tech in the last five years, and half of employers surveyed plan to make further increases over the next three years.

These increases are driven largely by Millennials, who continue to comprise larger shares of the workforce. With unemployment low, employers are competing for Millennial talent and turning an eye to their recruitment, retention and engagement strategies.

Because Millennials are looking for a more efficient and intuitive benefits experience, the majority of employers are focusing on improving self-service benefits platforms.

But how do you know which type of solution is right for your organization, and where can you find the right solution?

The first place to start is by asking your broker what solutions they can provide or recommend. Many brokers nationwide license software tools to streamline benefits and HR administration. Bernard Health clients have access to BerniePortal, an all-in-one benefits and HR platform.

There are a few key benefits of a broker-supported platform, including a seamless experience, robust support, and a benefit-centered solution. To learn more about these advantages, click here.

To learn more about adopting HR technology, download “The Employer’s Guide to Adopting HR Software” here. To learn more about BerniePortal, click here, or schedule a consultation with a Bernard Health advisor by clicking below.

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