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How does Bernard Health’s ‘Healthcare Extension’ work?



Frequently asked questions

Making the right healthcare decision can be critical for consumers, but there’s a lack of good advice available. Smart financial planners are embracing this as an opportunity to provide better service and win new business by stepping up and filling the gaps in healthcare advice.

Bernard Health’s Healthcare Extension allows financial advisors to roll healthcare advisory into their practices and provide personalized healthcare advice to clients without hiring a dedicated staff member.

We often get questions from advisors on how the Healthcare Extension works. Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Who are the healthcare advisors?

We have a team of licensed, noncommissioned healthcare advisors who answer client questions, lead seminars and complete analyses delivering personalized healthcare recommendations. We have more than a decade of experience working with individuals.

Where do healthcare advisors meet with clients?

We can meet with clients in your offices or by phone or video conference.

What does the Healthcare Extension entail?

1. Advice and help enrolling in medical coverage
2. Advice and help enrolling in drug coverage
3. Advice and help enrolling in Social Security
4. Advice and help enrolling in dental/vision coverage
5. Annual Medicare seminar for clients and prospects
6. Marketing collateral to share with clients
7. Healthcare policy updates & content to share with clients
8. Year-round advocacy on healthcare questions
9. Medical bill review and auditing
10. Advance care planning
11. Doctor/provider/network recommendations

How do you protect financial planners from liability?

While we have never experienced a circumstance that required the planner to be protected from liability, we have partnered with many firms with strict compliance standards and have addressed these concerns through indemnification language in our contracts.

What feedback do you receive?

Clients have been highly satisfied with our services—96 percent of clients helped through a healthcare extension reported they were “very satisfied” with the service provided. The clients of our financial planner partners are grateful to their advisors for providing assistance in a complicated, stressful area, and planners feel they are able to use comprehensive wealth management as a competitive differentiator to grow their businesses.

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