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Posted by Emily Kubis on Fri, Apr 27, 2018 @ 08:04


Construction companies face challenges in building benefits plans

Do you have the right strategy for your group benefits plan? The construction industry faces particular challenges when it comes to finding the right approach to building a sustainable benefits package.

Bernard Health has a decade of experience working with the construction industry, and we offer a suite of innovative products and services to help your employees make the best choices when it comes to healthcare.

Here are three areas of need construction companies face when it comes to benefits. For more, download the free “Benefits Guide for the Construction Industry.”

Limited access to computers

Because employees of construction companies are typically not office-based, keeping track of enrollments by multiple teams at multiple sites can be a truly frustrating process.

Bernard Health clients have access to BerniePortal, an online benefits platform that streamlines benefits administration and enrollment.

Diverse workforce

Many construction companies have employees for whom English is second language. Because benefits can be so confusing, adding a language barrier can cause a lot of additional complication.

Bernard Health takes the responsibility of effectively communicating healthcare and benefits information to your employees very seriously. We have Spanish-speaking services to make sure all employees feel comfortable with their benefit elections, and client service representatives available to answer any and all healthcare and benefits questions.

Rising costs

Developing a cost-effective benefits strategy is key for most employers, but especially those in the construction industry. Bernard Health employs a variety of funding strategies to create sustainable benefit plans, but we find that a defined contribution approach to funding and optimized Health Savings Accounts are the most cost-effective options for the construction industry.

To learn more about this approach, click here to download “Benefits Guide for the Construction Industry,” or click below to schedule a free consultation.

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