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Obamacare and mental health in 140 characters or less

Mental health coverage is changing

Obamacare, or healthcare reform, has changed mental and behavioral health coverage. There's a lot of noise about the changes that can lead to confusion!And at Bernard, we're dedicated to rescuing you from healthcare confusion.

Here's Obamacare and mental health in 140 characters or less:

  • Pre-existing conditions are no longer a factor in signing up for coverage. This is good news if you've had trouble finding health insurance in the past!
  • 55% of psychiatrists do not accept insurance. Keep this in mind when looking for a mental health professional.
  • If you need to go to rehab for alcohol or drug abuse, the options for coverage are better now than ever before.
  • New plans purchased on the marketplace might have better mental health benefits than older individual plans.
  • Under Obamacare, all plans must have mental & behavioral health benefits, but this change won't happen overnight. Newer plans are better for mental health.
  • Marriage counseling is not covered by insurance. 
  • If you are looking for coverage for eating disorders, depression, adjustment disorders, or anxiety, check to see if your health plan covers behavioral health.
  • There is a big mental health coverage gap for lower income individuals in the states that didn't expand Medicaid
  • Your health plan may require you to have a doctor declare treatment a 'medical necessity' before you can start. Call your carrier for more details.
  • For long-term mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, there may be more specific stipulations for coverage. Ask your carrier about your condition to learn more.
  • Traditional (PPO) health plans might limit mental health to a number of visits. HSA plans will have a coinsurance % matching coins. for other medical expenses. 
  • If your current plan doesn't have the mental health coverage you need, you can switch to a new plan starting on November 15th (open enrollment). 

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