How Bernard Health helps employers control their healthcare costs

Posted by Emily Kubis on Mon, Feb 05, 2018 @ 07:02


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Want to take control of your healthcare costs while giving employees more options than ever before? We can help.

Bernard Health goes above and beyond what other agencies can provide, and we do it through a three-pronged approach, providing solutions in software, strategy and service.

Here’s how Bernard Health helps employers and their employees.


Does your current broker provide benefits and HR software? All Bernard Health clients have access to BerniePortal, an industry-leading benefits and HR platform.

We built BerniePortal to make benefits a breeze. BerniePortal streamlines enrollment, integrates with carriers, and provides HR solutions to make your life easier.

Why handle your benefits and HR processes online? BerniePortal cuts the paperwork, saves time, reduces errors, and allows you to expand your benefits packages.


Most employers have more choices than they realize when it comes to the structure and cost of their benefits plan, and we’re experts in the strategies that add value. Purchasing a fully-insured health plan may be what you’ve always done, but there are a lot of alternatives that aren’t as complex as they seem. These strategies can potentially save your organization tens of thousands of dollars

Our approach puts employers and employees on the same side of the table, and reduces the rate of healthcare spend while giving employees more and better choices. The result is a more sustainable and competitive benefits package.

We’re experts in the following strategies:

1. Defined Contribution

2. Maximize Ancillary Benefits

3. Optimize HSAs

4. Financing Options


Our client support goes above and beyond what other agencies can provide. We use a systemized approach to track client satisfaction, backing up our customer service with empirical data. Further, we have a nurse on staff to help employees price-shop prescriptions and noncommissioned advisors to help your employees find the right strategy for them.

Our advisors are available year-round by phone or in person to assist employees in comparing their group plan options, as well as alternatives available to them outside of your group plan.

For example, we help employees with dual income families, those looking for coverage alternatives, and dependent aging off the plan. Our advisors also help you reduce plan liability by giving employees with government or private market options confidence about finding the right strategy outside of the group plan.

In other words, we see service as a differentiator, and work hard to be the trusted advisor we know our clients need.


What to learn more about our three-pronged approach? Download “The Bernard Health Approach” here.

Ready to learn how we can improve your group plan? Let’s talk.

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employer healthcare freedom