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Are coaches the answer to greater adoption of wellness programs?


Check out Craft Hayes’ perspective in Employee Benefit Adviser

"While roughly one-third of the clients of Craft Hayes, an adviser for Bernard Health of Nashville, Tenn., express interest in a wellness program, actual employee participation is lackluster at best. “When they make it voluntary, there is pretty low enrollment,” says Hayes. The reason is usually a lack of incentive. Employers want to offer these programs but employees don't see a reduction in their insurance premiums, so they’re not interested, according to Hayes.

Coaching could change that, he says. 'For the older members of the workforce, one-on-one coaching could have a huge advantage,' says Hayes. While not every wellness program offers coaching, the majority of the programs offered by Hayes’ advisory firm have a personal coaching element. 'They are effective in being able to track and follow up with older workers and report improvements in health claims and improved health conditions.'"

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