One out of seven patients receive surprise bills

    How to use HSAs to save for healthcare costs in retirement

    What is reference-based pricing?

    Baby boomers still not planning for healthcare in retirement

    Bernard Health announces launch of BernieForms

    Employers pay 50% more than Medicare for healthcare

    Healthcare costs rising faster than inflation

    Should I offer health benefits?

    Five tactics to help small businesses compete in the talent market

    Why benefits matters when picking an HR system

    How to provide expert healthcare planning advice to clients

    How are benefits brokers paid?

    Health spending to hit $6 trillion by 2027

    What financial advisors need to know about Health Savings Accounts

    Financial advisors: Send clients these healthcare tax tips

    What’s driving healthcare retirement costs?

    What employers should know about the new HRA proposal

    Healthcare tax tips for employees

    Benefits Brokerage and HR Software Company Bernard Health Partners with United Benefit Advisors

    Healthcare costs in retirement expected to top half a million

    Why should advisors prioritize healthcare?

    Top benefits for recruitment in 2019

    How many small employers are self-funding?

    How to help clients switch Medicare Advantage plans

    Top HR goals for 2019

    Three things to know about 1095-Cs in 2019

    Three things financial advisors should know in 2019

    Three trends that could change health care for consumers in 2019

    Four contribution limits to know in 2019

    Miss the open enrollment deadline? How to get covered in 2019

    HR professionals seek tech automation in 2019

    HR dates and deadlines to know in 2019

    ACA employer mandate still in place despite court ruling

    Five end-of-year HR reminders to send employees

    Healthcare checklist: 5 things to do before the year ends

    Financial advisors - clients want healthcare advice

    The price of poor employee health: $530 billion a year

    IRS announces new deadline for providing 1095-Cs to employees

    Open enrollment ends Dec. 15; do you need to sign up for health insurance?

    Get ERISA compliant now to avoid fines in 2019

    Should employees take a hardship withdrawal from their 401(k)?

    Are your clients maximizing their HSAs?

    What the midterm election means for health care

    Will healthcare undermine your clients’ retirement strategy?

    UnitedHealthcare launches new health plan option for Tennessee small employers

    Three surprise healthcare costs that can affect retirement savings

    Four steps for finding the right health insurance plan in 2019

    Three best practices for recruiting with technology

    How financial advisors can help clients with open enrollment

    5 tips for optimizing employee onboarding

    Tennessee premium rates are stabilizing — but are costs still too high?

    Are your employees happy?

    Family premiums for employer plans top nearly $20,000

    How employers can lower group health plan claims

    Does the U.S. have ‘free market’ healthcare?

    Is your recruitment strategy tech-savvy?

    Financial advisors: Do your clients need help with healthcare costs and coverage?

    UnitedHealthcare launches Association Health Plan option for Texas small employers

    Meet a BerniePortal developer!

    What employers need to know about COBRA

    Are hospitals driving drug costs for employers?

    Governor’s race: Where do the candidates stand on health care?

    Tips to reduce out-of-network claims

    Group benefits: What is level-funding?

    Bernard Health announces new Healthcare Extension partnership with Baird to support financial advising clients in healthcare planning

    Five questions HR should ask about benefits software

    Employees blame insurers for surprise medical bills

    What is telecommuting?

    How financial advisors can help retirees get Medicare right

    How to make sense of a medical bill

    How to help clients optimize Health Savings Accounts for retirement

    Where can consumers find help with health insurance?

    How much does healthcare cost in retirement?

    Culture of health reduces turnover by a third

    Congress considers dueling parental leave policies

    How new short-term health plan rules could affect employees

    3 ways to capture quality candidates

    Nearly 50,000 employers at risk for ACA penalties

    Bernard Health Named to 2018 Inc. 5000

    When it comes to benefits, think like a CFO

    Losing health insurance coverage mid-year? 3 options for consumers

    How to handle employee absences outside of FMLA

    The pros and cons of a PEO

    Strategies to keep pharmaceutical costs down as a self-insured employer

    Three things employers should know about the new HSA bills

    Group health premiums going up? Consider self-funding

    Tennesseans have more health insurance marketplace options, but will consumers sign up?

    How a defined contribution health plan can help you save

    How much does Medicare cost?

    Are AHPs a good fit for my organization?

    Should I use applicant tracking software?

    Five ways to save money on your group health plan

    Getting a big premium increase? How claims might be affecting your group plan

    What is stop-loss coverage?

    What employers need to know about the new Association Health Plan regulations

    Three health care tools that will save you money

    Affluent Americans concerned about healthcare costs in retirement

    How many employees do you need for a group plan?

    How much does a group health plan cost?

    Are short-term health insurance plans a good fit for your clients?

    How to choose your health insurance broker

    Five questions to ask before having a medical procedure

    Online onboarding: What HR should look for

    How do I find a group benefits broker?

    Employers say robust voluntary options are essential

    How financial advisors can advise clients on nontraditional coverage

    Two reasons why TriStar Health is investing big in orthopedics

    Small business owners concerned about group health costs

    Effective date for FMLA forms extended for employers

    Why healthcare planning in your retirement plan is key

    Top 5 most attractive employee benefits

    Group benefits for nonprofits

    How to help early retirees maintain health coverage

    Why a higher uninsured rate means more expensive premiums

    Thousands of employers to receive ACA penalty notices

    Hiring Millennials? Why changing workforce trends are driving adoption of benefits tech

    Group benefits for restaurants and hospitality

    Renewal rate too high? What to do about your group plan

    Three healthcare costs your retirement plan should address

    Reference-based pricing: The PPO alternative

    IRS sets HSA limits for 2019

    High-earning small business owners can save thousands by switching to Medicare

    Healthcare tech: Why Nashville will beat Silicon Valley

    Reference-based pricing: What about balance bills?

    Financial planning clients are making a big healthcare mistake

    Group benefits for manufacturers

    Tips for optimizing an HSA benefits strategy

    How to use healthcare advice as a competitive differentiator

    Group benefits for construction companies

    Network dispute leads to $14 million in balance bills

    Need applicant tracking? Try BerniePortal Jobs

    Healthcare costs are affecting retirees—financial advisors can help

    Is your recruitment strategy tech-savvy?

    Employers—here’s how to adopt HR tech

    Group benefits for medical practices

    Tech companies tackling healthcare

    How Bernard Health reduces financial advising clients’ drug costs

    What is the Medical Loss Ratio?

    What is an insurance network discount worth?

    Health insurance market may soon split according to healthy, sick

    Three benefits of offering healthcare advice through your financial planning practice

    Self insurance on the rise

    How employees are overpaying for drugs through prescription “clawbacks”

    How a 40-employee group saved $100,000 with reference-based pricing

    Which kind of healthcare advisor will you be?

    Bernard Health is hiring!

    How does Bernard Health’s ‘Healthcare Extension’ work?

    UnitedHealthcare to share drug rebates with consumers

    Three ways Congress could reduce health care costs in the U.S.

    How to help employees file taxes with an HSA

    Tax bill reduces HSA contribution limits

    How to successfully bring on a new hire

    Nashville’s healthcare tapeworm

    What financial advisors should know about Medicare

    Higher employer healthcare costs driven by price increases

    HR tech is driving productivity—don’t get left behind

    Stock sell-off presents one of many opportunities for comprehensive advisors

    Three workplace technologies Millennials expect

    Should my organization self-insure?

    Three health care myths affecting consumers in 2018

    Is Obamacare repeal over?

    What is the CHIP notice?

    Small employers—don't miss these three HR deadlines

    How Bernard Health helps employers control their healthcare costs

    Financial advisors—how to help your clients with annual Medicare reviews

    What to do after completing 1095-Cs

    Three open enrollment takeaways for Nashville

    How much should I contribute to my HSA in 2018?

    How small employers can improve HR

    3 questions to ask when you're looking for a health partner

    What is self-insurance?

    New tax withholding tables and deadline released

    Financial advisors, will Medicare changes affect your high-income clients?

    Three healthcare tips for tax time

    With the individual mandate repealed, three things to expect

    Three healthcare resolutions for consumers in 2018

    What HR data should I track?

    Three healthcare resolutions for Democrats in 2018

    IRS delays 1095-C reporting deadline (again)

    Financial advisors: Your clients have anxiety around healthcare costs in retirement

    2018 healthcare resolutions for Republicans

    What does the individual mandate repeal mean?

    What you should review after open enrollment

    Five tech tools to help manage your health in the new year

    Five HR reminders to send employees before the end of the year

    Change to TriStar/BlueCross agreement to affect out-of-network emergency care

    Open enrollment ends Friday, Dec. 15

    How risky is it not to have coverage at Vanderbilt?

    Three health insurance landmines to avoid

    Three tips for recruitment and retention

    The doctor will see you now — via Skype

    Three ways healthcare can affect clients’ finances

    How much do employees spend out-of-pocket?

    Employers, here’s how to maximize your ancillary options

    Should your benefits strategy include a Health Reimbursement Arrangement?

    After a year of trying to repeal Obamacare, has anything changed?

    Financial advisors: Four things to consider when evaluating a healthcare extension

    Sanders' single-payer versus Kaine's public option

    Comparing Nashville’s 2018 marketplace plans

    To stand out and deliver value to clients, financial advisors embrace healthcare

    How to compare plans during open enrollment

    Should your address determine your insurance options?

    Financial advisors—do your clients need open enrollment help?

    Open enrollment is here

    Lessons for student doctrepreneurs

    If cost-sharing subsidies are cut, will I be affected?

    Bernard Health Partners with Retirement Planning Services to Advise Clients on Healthcare

    Nashville, here are your Affordable Care Act options

    What health insurance consumers need to know about cost-sharing

    How Bernard Health helps individuals through financial advisors & employers

    Medicare open enrollment is here

    How Bernard Health extends financial advising firms’ value proposition

    Vanderbilt now in-network with Cigna

    How to prepare for open enrollment

    Five things to know about Nashville’s 2018 ACA plans

    Moderate increases for employer-based premiums

    Consumers missing HSA investment opportunity

    Moving out of the Medicaid gap

    Planning for retirement? Don’t forget healthcare

    What to do if your doctor changes networks mid-year

    How Bernard Health simplifies HR

    How to help employees become better healthcare consumers

    Financial planners—here’s how to help clients with healthcare

    How do your employment policies and procedures measure up?

    For two weeks, every county had an Obamacare option

    Walgreens is consumer friendly — when will hospitals catch up?

    What Millennials want from their health insurance

    With healthcare costs skyrocketing, should you buy insurance for your insurance?

    Overtime rule officially blocked

    Pay data reporting rule suspended

    Auto-enrollment boosts retirement saving

    Would you let your employer biochip you?

    New Obamacare repeal bill returns power to states, but will it pass?

    Healthcare and Workforce Experts: Reduce Costs With Consumerism

    What employers need to know about ACA compliance

    Is Obamacare repeal over? Three possible outcomes

    Bernard Health Named to 2017 Inc. 5000

    Are vacation savings accounts the hot new benefit?

    Why would Oscar Health partner with Humana?

    Don’t have an employee handbook? Start here

    High deductible? These options could help you avoid expensive bills

    Financial advisors: How much will healthcare cost your clients in retirement?

    Background checks—to run or not to run?

    Why a benefits platform makes open enrollment easier

    Losing Farm Bureau health coverage? 
What Nashville consumers should know

    How financial firms are preparing for soaring health care costs

    What’s the fastest-growing workplace benefit? The standing desk

    How Bernard Health stays ahead of industry trends

    With the Senate health reform bill dead, now what?

    How many employers offer flextime?

    With ACA uncertainty, consider these health insurance alternatives

    Parental leave—what’s the industry standard?

    Communication biggest open enrollment challenge

    Onboarding: Don't throw your new hire in the deep end

    Oscar Health could be Nashville's last shot at health marketplace

    Bernard Health announces strengthened partnership model with financial advisors

    Facing near-full employment, employers turn to benefits

    Single-payer healthcare—Will states lead the way?

    Bernard Health Announces Launch of On-Demand HR Service and SaaS Platform

    Five things to know about the Senate’s healthcare bill

    Oscar Healthcare to sell individual plans in Nashville

    The American Health Care Act’s winners and losers in Tennessee

    Will insurers drop maternity coverage if the AHCA passes?

    Two ways health insurance auto-enrollment might work

    Millennials push employers to evolve benefits

    Why the Senate’s all-male healthcare group is a big problem for Americans

    What are "Centers of Excellence" networks?

    Predicting which Texas insurance carrier might enter Tennessee

    Three tips for a sustainable benefits plan

    Primary care solutions for employers

    Would my premiums go up under the American Health Care Act?

    If Obamacare is repealed, Tennessee faces a big decision

    Tech tools for employer cost containment

    Are coaches the answer to greater adoption of wellness programs?

    IRS sets HSA limits for 2018

    How the AHCA is kinder, gentler than the ACA

    Smart financial planners step up to fill gaps in healthcare advice

    Rural health plan to blame for unstable insurance market in East TN?

    What’s next for the American Health Care Act?

    What employers should know about HR software

    How to reimburse yourself from your HSA

    Top ten things to ask your broker

    Are we witnessing a turning point in U.S. healthcare?

    Pregnant? How four Nashville-area practices bill for delivering your baby

    What are high risk pools?

    How Bernard Health advisors bring peace of mind to employees

    How to market HSA-eligible plans to employees

    Can Tennessee’s U.S. senators help healthcare consumers?

    Why Bernard Health?

    How to save money with a high deductible

    Why are insurers pulling out of Obamacare?

    What does it really mean for HR and benefits to be online?

    Employees want customized benefits packages

    Tools to slow healthcare spending represent $8.6 billion in revenue for providers in ‘17

    Hack your finances with an HSA

    Can Nashville find the cure for price blindness in health care?

    What happens now that the 'Obamacare' replacement has been pulled?

    Expand voluntary options, or increase wages?

    Republican change to the ACA: A healthcare minimum income

    Alex and Brian Tolbert win 2017 Summit Award

    We’re hiring—join the Bernard Health team!

    What does the CBO report really say about the AHCA?

    Conservative critics may have a point—the AHCA won't lower costs

    What an ACA repeal won’t address

    Why your broker should offer HR software

    What’s the difference between “Obamacare” and the new American Health Care Act?

    What is continuous coverage?

    Three repeal questions for employers

    Pregnant? Need help with health insurance?

    TN health insurance: Hope for best, prepare for worst

    Do I have to report to the IRS if I had health insurance in 2016?

    Am I eligible for a special enrollment period?

    What it takes to be a young leader in benefits

    Why don’t employees choose HSA-eligible plans?

    Humana to drop out of ACA exchanges

    Three things to know about health law repeal

    Benefits forecast: Pet insurance

    Does my health insurance cover drug and alcohol treatment?

    Why hire an insurance advisor?

    Missed the deadline for open enrollment?

    Three surprises from open enrollment

    Open enrollment deadline approaching

    Benefit Forecast: Identity theft insurance

    Employer forecast: 2017

    How a defined contribution strategy can keep you ahead of the curve

    What employers should know about student debt repayment

    Healthcare hacks for employers

    Who will benefit most from an ACA replacement?

    Which benefits should you offer in 2017?

    Is my health plan ACA-compliant?

    I have a pre-existing condition. What will happen if the ACA is repealed?

    Healthcare resolutions for Republicans

    Three hacks for your health coverage

    Trump, premiums, salaries: Our top blogs of 2016

    Can you define the four basic health insurance concepts?

    Healthcare resolutions for Democrats

    Healthcare resolutions for consumers

    What can I do if I missed the Dec. 19 deadline for health insurance?

    A health insurance guide for Nashvillians

    Open enrollment deadline extended to Dec. 19

    How would Trump expand HSAs?

    Should your family have multiple health plans?

    Should I choose a high deductible plan?

    Comparing Republican health care proposals

    Open enrollment, Medicare enrollment ending soon

    Practical health insurance advice for 2017

    Employees need a benefits IQ boost

    Will "healthy adulting" attract young invincibles?

    What is a health sharing ministry?

    Judge blocks overtime regulations

    Losing BlueCross coverage? Here’s what to do

    The five stages of (overtime) grief

    Healthcare predictions for 2017

    What happens if the exchanges collapse?

    Should you consider a self-funding strategy?

    Will Trump repeal Obamacare?

    The candidates on Medicaid

    Are minimal essential coverage plans right for your organization?

    Millennials want financial advice at work

    Open enrollment is here!

    Clinton and Trump on insurance competition

    3 tips for choosing health insurance in Nashville for '17

    A Guide to Open Enrollment

    What hospitals can do to prevent skyrocketing uninsured populations

    Will my marketplace premiums go up in 2017?

    Saint Thomas faces uncertainty after BlueCross exit

    Bernard Health Announces $1.39 Million in Equity Financing and 65%+ Company Growth

    Are you ready for open enrollment?

    Candidates tackle out-of-pocket spending

    IU Health Plans drops out of exchange

    HHS: 2.5 million Americans missing out on tax credits

    Medicare open enrollment is here

    Trump on drugs

    Repeal versus fix: What’s next for the ACA?

    Three things to know about BlueCross leaving the exchanges

    How do the “3Rs” affect premiums?

    CMS attempts to strengthen marketplace

    Three facts about marketplace enrollees

    Are marketplace premiums expensive?

    BCBS pulls out of Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville marketplaces

    What young adults need to know about health insurance

    Premiums for family coverage increased 20 percent in 10 years

    Is Tennessee's insurance marketplace 'near collapse'?

    Uninsured rate hits all-time low

    Employer healthcare cost increases holding steady

    How providers can help patients with open enrollment

    CMS pushes back on marketplace risk pools

    All about rising premiums

    Bernard Health to hire 26 in Nashville

    Health benefits on the decline for smaller employers

    How consumers can cope with rising health insurance premiums

    Study: Price transparency still falls short in U.S.

    Considering workplace wellness? Start here.

    What UnitedHealthcare's second quarter means for employers

    CMS says reports of marketplace costs are misleading

    Tennessee insurers refile for higher premiums

    Digging into BlueCross’ big rate hike

    Four takeaways from Bernard Health’s Healthcare Reform Luncheon

    Locations chosen for primary care reform

    Will Alaska or Colorado go single-payer?

    Roundup: Premium rate increases

    New HSA bill adds chronic care before deductible

    Three ways Tennessee can improve health care

    Hospital visit? Expect to pay $1,000 or more

    HHS to combat opioid addiction

    Study: Unnecessary end-of-life treatment is common

    Feds move to block Aetna/Humana, Anthem/Cigna deals

    Premium rate increases in Ohio

    How is Tennessee's new Medicaid expansion plan different?

    How health reform needs to improve, according to Obama

    Will CMS' attempt at primary care payment reform work?

    Report: Health plans noncompliant with drug abuse treatment requirements

    Projected rate of healthcare spending reduced

    Biggest insurer in Texas asks for big premium hike

    Three reasons for rising health insurance premiums

    New rules limit short-term health plans

    Georgia premiums to rise

    California tries to block Anthem/Cigna merger

    “The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan”

    The link between your salary and health insurance

    Survey: Physicians unprepared to discuss advance care planning

    Bernard Health named Small Business of the Year finalist

    Tennessee premiums to increase

    Premiums going up in Indiana

    Why Trump’s health insurance deductions don’t add up

    3 things Tennessee health care consumers can expect in 2017

    Bernard Health celebrates 10th anniversary

    A medical bill you can understand

    Mental healthcare goes retail

    Missouri deals blow to Aetna/Humana merger

    Five things to know about new overtime regulations

    Will HSAs grow, or go away entirely?

    Healthcare consumers put more 'skin in the game'

    Rising healthcare costs hurt wages

    Indiana insurers to participate in provider directory pilot

    Why do healthcare costs vary?

    Survey shows health insurance literacy issues in Texas

    Can Clinton really fix the glitch?

    End-of-life care services growing in Nashville

    New report shows opioid abuse’s impact on the workplace

    IRS sets HSA limits for 2017

    Anthem sees gains as UnitedHealth pulls back

    Confused about health insurance?

    UnitedHealth dropping out of Georgia exchange

    Why selling insurance across state lines won't work

    Top three Cadillac tax adjustments

    How to use direct primary care and health insurance

    Incarceration and healthcare

    Bernard Health offers advance care planning for families in Nashville

    Advance care planning: What everyone should know

    Health Savings Act: What you need to know

    Roundup: The candidates on healthcare

    Is Bernie Sanders lost in orbit with his HIV/AIDs proposal?

    Under proposed law, direct primary care could expand in Tennessee

    What do employees think of their health benefits?

    Narrow networks are here to stay

    The candidates on healthcare: John Kasich

    Bernard Health featured in Tennessean column

    How one hospital helped the uninsured by partnering with Bernard Health

    Marketplace, IRS warn consumers of tax scams

    The candidates on healthcare: Bernie Sanders

    Rules may cut down on surprise medical bills

    Is my prescription covered?

    The candidates on healthcare: Ted Cruz

    Three things to know about the 1095-A

    Consumers still struggling to estimate incomes on the marketplace

    The candidates on healthcare: Hillary Clinton

    Healthcare consolidation: What consumers need to know

    Clinic, physician’s office, or ER?

    The candidates on healthcare: Donald Trump

    New insurance rules tackle surprise medical bills, network adequacy

    How Bernard Health helps patients find health insurance

    Health insurance costs grew nearly 5 percent in 2015

    Should nurses be allowed to fill gaps left by physician shortages?

    Questions to ask when choosing a broker

    Don't have insurance? How to claim an exemption

    Should I stay on my parent's insurance plan?

    Should I start a health savings account?

    Healthcare and tax season: Three things to know

    Open enrollment, by the numbers

    Surprise medical bill? Here's what to do.

    I missed open enrollment. Will I have to pay a fine?

    What you need to know about the 1095-C

    Insurers take different stands on market sustainability

    How to pick a provider network

    CMS cuts six special enrollment periods

    How to avoid surprise medical bills

    Confused about universal healthcare?

    Does my insurance cover therapy?

    This is the year 'young invincibles' enter health insurance marketplace

    Why Aetna left AHIP

    1095-C reporting deadline extended - But it doesn't mean you should wait

    Healthcare news to watch for in 2016

    Miss the open enrollment deadline? Step 1: Don’t panic

    New employer health plans emerge to avoid ACA penalties

    3 mistakes to avoid during Open Enrollment

    4 steps to picking the right plan during Open Enrollment

    Community Health Alliance: Not an option in 2016

    Save money during health insurance Open Enrollment

    5 things you should know about 2016 Open Enrollment

    Apple Watch has finger on pulse of healthcare consumers

    Health reform requirements getting serious

    Coming soon: The healthcare W-2

    6 questions about Anthem buying CIGNA

    How to verify your income on

    Big health insurers merging: What it means for you

    How Bernard is partnering with one hospital to help the uninsured

    5 questions about the King vs. Burwell ruling

    Why Are Some Analysts Surprised by the Supreme Court's Decision in King v. Burwell?

    3 practical questions to ask about ACA ruling

    3 steps to better managing medical bills

    3 things to know about BlueCross' 36 percent increase

    Medicare mailers bring more questions than answers

    Michael Burcham tackles lack of ‘healthcare quarterback’

    Bernard helps patients at Macon County General Hospital

    How much does it cost to have your gallbladder removed?

    Will my health plan cover my baby after birth?

    Three health insurance tips for new graduates

    My company is renewing the health plan in April. Does that mean my deductible starts over?

    Three ‘last minute’ tax tips for healthcare

    I lost my job. What should I do about health insurance?

    How to negotiate with your doctor

    Icon Pediatrics joins direct primary care trend

    An open letter to Bernard "Healthcare Advisor" prospects

    What causes insurance premiums to rise?

    Top 5 Ways Hospitals are Helping Patients Find Health Insurance

    Health insurance and your taxes: 5 things to know

    Is direct primary care a good option for my family?

    Why Medicaid expansion failed in Tennessee

    Will I be penalized for getting a subsidy if my employer offers a health plan?

    Why do employers offer group health insurance?

    Who pays for Governor Haslam's Medicaid proposal?

    How much does a CT scan cost?

    Health Savings Account: How much should I contribute?

    How do I sign my new baby up for health insurance?

    How to file a Medicare appeal

    Healthcare resolutions for Republicans in 2015

    Does Obamacare cover counseling?

    2015 Supreme Court case could unravel parts of ACA

    Birth control: Which types are free?

    MRI: How much does it cost?

    9 things you should know about individual health insurance

    Community Health Alliance making a splash in Nashville

    What can you pay for using an HSA?

    Tips for the end of the deductible year

    Study shows vastly different delivery procedures for Austin moms

    Open enrollment deadline nears; here are a few FAQs

    5 health plan mistakes that are wasting your money

    Why it's important to have health insurance

    Open Enrollment: New 'Nashville Network' among options

    Most people don't have the right health plan. Are you one of them?

    5 steps to the best health coverage in 2015

    Can I opt out of Medicare Part A?

    Health reform penalties imminent for employers

    I underestimated my income to get a subsidy. What will happen?

    Parent of a special needs child? 4 insurance tips to save your wallet

    Why I joined the healthcare freedom revolution

    Seniors: Here's how to plan for a healthy retirement

    Healthcare Roundup - Cost Edition

    Stop! In the name of maternity bill errors

    Top 9 Medicare Misconceptions

    Why you shouldn't have a C-section in New Jersey

    9 out of 10 medical bills contain errors (Hint: this means your bills)

    10 healthcare journalists you should be following on Twitter

    Open Enrollment season brings health plan changes

    What no one tells you about out-of-network bills

    Why it's important to reevaluate your Medicare benefits every year

    I’m getting married. What should I do about health insurance?

    Do I have to enroll in Medicare Part B?

    4 medical providers increasing value and lowering costs

    I’m pregnant & don’t have health insurance. What should I do?

    Healthcare Roundup - Maternity Edition

    Medicare FAQs : Do you know the answers?

    5 secrets every expecting mom should know about healthcare

    13 questions to ask before purchasing a health plan

    Deciphering medical bills can be tricky business

    3 easy ways to get healthcare outside of Open Enrollment

    Dogs navigating

    How does a Private Exchange save employers money?

    Why you should have a baby in North Dakota

    Employers: Here's an Open Enrollment Checklist

    Broken HR processes lead to unhappy people

    Why is it so hard to get low cost health insurance?

    Three reasons employers are dropping their health plans

    10 Healthcare reporters you should be following on Twitter

    CFOs: 4 must-ask strategy questions about your health plan

    Death Over Dinner promotes talking, planning for end

    Nashville friends: Hospitals by Blue Cross Network

    You are paying too much for prescription drugs

    Employers anticipate 4th quarter insurance renewals

    Do copays count toward the out-of-pocket maximum? The deductible?

    Why are some hospitals out of your network?

    ACA subsidies ruling could affect employer mandate

    Why do employers move to Defined Contribution?

    Need healthcare, but don't have a social security number?

    Top 4 things to know about the Hobby Lobby Decision

    You mean I'm not invincible? A twentysomething's healthcare confusion

    Why is COBRA so expensive?

    How much does it cost to have a baby?

    4 signs a short-term health plan is right for you

    Is this the answer to our nation's doctor shortage?

    TriStar Skyline Medical Center becomes an option for trauma

    VA system's woes show reality of limited resources

    5 questions you should be asking about Private Exchanges

    Private Exchanges: The benefits for employees

    Private Exchanges: The benefits for employers

    Study finds driving while pregnant is risky

    What hospitals don't want you to know about C-sections

    No easy path in healthcare

    1 in 13 children on medication for mental health

    Gallbladder removal: How much does it cost?

    Health Insurance: 9 steps to getting a breast pump covered

    Calendar year deductible vs. plan/contract year deductible

    Health insurance: Save money on prescription drugs

    Pregnant? 5 reasons you should max out your HSA

    How to get a breast pump covered by health insurance

    Expecting? How much does an ultrasound cost?

    Pregnant? 8 FAQs and answers that might surprise you

    Out-of-pocket maximums: Why you may still have healthcare expenses

    Private Exchanges: Why your health insurance is about to change

    Can I keep my health plan when I move?

    Obamacare and mental health in 140 characters or less

    4 Steps to healthcare freedom for diabetics

    HMO or PPO? | Doctor choice and health insurance

    Alcohol & drug treatment: 5 questions to ask about health insurance

    3 ways to get health insurance if you missed the deadline

    Don't get screwed at the emergency room

    Starting a business? Don't make this health insurance mistake

    Does your health plan cover counseling?

    Health Insurance Austin

    5 must-ask questions about travel insurance

    Medi-Share: The Christian alternative to healthcare reform

    5 prescription drug questions to ask before selecting a health plan

    Mental health, health insurance, and The ACA

    Step-by-step sign up on (if you missed the deadline)

    6 facts about HSAs and your 2013 taxes

    The new way to see your doctor

    11 facts to know about the extension to sign up on

    I have cancer | Which health plan is best?

    VIDEO: Obama sings own version of 867-5309/Jenny

    Obamacare advertising to youth | What do you think?

    Obamacare news: 5 Million have signed up

    How much do glasses cost?

    Hungry? You may have to pay for restaurant employees healthcare

    How to file your taxes with an HSA

    Obamacare news: Extension on non-compliant health plans

    5 Game-changing healthcare apps

    Obamacare: One secret that will save hours at the doctor

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