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Three health insurance landmines to avoid



And how to help your employees or clients avoid them

Most consumers know how confusing the U.S. healthcare system can be. From choosing the right plan to avoiding surprise medical bills, most consumers benefit from having an insurance advisor to assist in decision-making.

But health insurance resources are limited. For consumers on a group plan, employees typically consult HR, but HR leaders aren’t usually health insurance experts. Further, not all benefits brokers are willing or able to take questions from individual employees, let alone answer questions about health insurance outside of the group plan—like what to do with a 26-year-old aging off their parent’s coverage.

When it comes to individuals, there are even fewer resources, which can have a material impact on consumers’ financial well being, investment planning and wealth management.

For these reasons, Bernard Health works with employers and financial advisors to provide expert health insurance to employees and clients.

How Bernard Health can help

Employers who choose Bernard Health as their broker, and financial advisors who elect to offer a Healthcare Extension from Bernard Health, have access to our licensed, noncommissioned insurance advisors. Employees and clients can take advantage of complimentary expert insurance advice, including choosing and enrolling in coverage, finding the right care strategy for dependents, providing doctor and hospital recommendations, determining the best Medicare strategy, and more.

Here are three insurance challenges many consumers face, and how partnering with Bernard Health can help consumers avoid them:

Going out-of-network

While some insurance plans cover a portion out-of-network care, many other do not. Depending on the type of plan, some offered on both the individual market and in the group market may not provide any coverage at all for care received from out-of-network hospitals or physicians. This can cause a lot of confusion for consumers who may or may not realize whether out-of-network care is covered, or which facilities are in-network. Bernard Health advisors are experts at comparing plans to determine which type of coverage will best suit an individual’s needs, and can make doctor and hospital recommendations in accordance with their coverage.

The right time to get on Medicare

As many people now work past age 65, deciding when to transition to Medicare can have big implications for both individuals’ retirement planning needs as well as the liability of their group plan. But Medicare can be particularly complicated. Consumers have a lot of choices—among Part A, Part B, Part C, drug coverage, donut holes, and Medicare Advantage—it’s really challenging for most people to feel like they have made the right choice. With a Bernard Health advisor, consumers can be confident that they have the right Medicare strategy.


Most consumers have more choices than they realize when it comes to health insurance. Not all are compliant with the Affordable Care Act, but some consumers may still benefit from considering them. Determining your options across group plans, the individual market, short term plans, and non-compliant vs. compliant plans can be very overwhelming for consumers. Add onto that the individual mandate penalty calculation—for some consumers, it makes more sense to pay the individual mandate penalty, and for others, it makes more sense to sign up for compliant coverage. You can see why many consumers are unsure of which avenue to take when it comes to health insurance. Bernard Health advisors can help consumers decide.

Interested in learning more about how Bernard Health advisors can help your employees or clients? Call us at 1-800-505-0750.

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